Are you protecting your most valuable business asset?

Think about it for a minute . . . data such as your accounts receivable, accounts
payable, stock counts, work in progress, quotes, client/patient and supplier databases
and historical data that you have built up over the years . . . all gone!
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Accidents do happen!

Lightning strikes. Buildings burn. Flooding occurs. Thieves steal. Computer viruses inflict destruction. Backups can, and do fail. Yes, you could replace your computer system tomorrow. But how long would it take to re-enter all the business data that your very livelihood depends on? Weeks? Months? What would be the cost? Do you have the systems in place and the paper trail that allows you to do that?

Remote Backup Service

First, your data is compressed up to 99% of its original size and then encrypted with 448bit blowfish encryption (only you have the ability to decrypt with a secure password that only you know). Next, via secure FTP, your data is sent to our secure off-site storage facility. Your data can be retrieved in the same manner in minutes.

Secure Storage and Recovery Diagram

Benefits and advantages of our remote backup

  • No expensive tapes to purchase
  • No tape drives or backup software to purchase
  • Distributed data storage with file versioning
  • The data is duplicated and taken off site the same day
  • The process is constantly monitored by data center personnel
  • The time it takes to backup is greatly reduced
  • Climate control system provides optimum temperature and humidity throughout the data center
  • Access to our data center is restricted to authorized personnel only
  • Data Center power source is protected by a backup power generator

Setup Cost:

Client License Free
Onsite Client Install Free
Onsite Server Install Free

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